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Condenser coils

Best Condenser Coils in New England

Air Control Products offers Heatcraft® condenser coils in New England that can be applied for various duty requirements, including de-superheating, reheating, and other traditional condensing applications.

The condenser coil serves the same purpose whether it is used in HVAC or refrigeration systems. It is one of the four primary components in a vapor-compression refrigeration system and is usually located outside the conditioned space with the condenser fan and compressor. The evaporator and thermostatic expansion valve or capillary tube are usually in the conditioned area.

Each of these components does its part in a constant loop to convert refrigerant from gas to liquid (condenser) and liquid to a gas (evaporator), moving heat from the conditioned space to an un-conditioned or outdoor space.

Condenser Coil: This coil absorbs the compressor’s superheated vapor and cools that vapor down to saturation. Once the vapor is condensed into a liquid, the liquid is further cooled until it reaches the desired temperature below saturation.

Reheat: This is a hot gas reheat coil that takes the compressed superheated vapor and cools the vapor down to saturation. It then condenses a requested percentage of that vapor to a liquid.

Desuperheater: This coil takes the superheated vapor from the compressor and reduces its temperature to the desired level above saturation.