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Refrigerant Coils

Refrigerant Coils

Direct Expansion Evaporator Coils

Direct expansion (DX) evaporator coils for use with most refrigerants.

Condenser Coils

Condenser coils for use with most refrigerants.

Guaranteed Clean and Safe Refrigerant Coils in New England

Air Control Products provides refrigerant coils in New England, including condenser and evaporator coils. Direct expansion evaporator coils have heat transfer surface areas similar to our fluid coils and have distributors, capillary tubes, suction headers, and ideal thermal expansion valves. The condenser coils feature various circuiting options, including sub-cooling circuits. To ensure that our refrigeration coils’ interiors remain contaminant-free during production and testing, we apply care measures, including a nitrogen charge before shipment.