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Module Coils

Module Coils

Trusted Liquid or Module Coils in New England

Air Control Products also offers module coils in New England to meet your coil replacement needs. When one-piece coils are bigger than the space needed to move them into their operation location, Heatcraft® Modu-Coil (modular coils) has alternative replacement solutions for you.

The Modu-Coil is a fluid coil made in two modules or sections that combines many features of Heatcraft®’s Fluid Heating and Cooling coils. This unique construction makes it possible for each module to fit in elevators and tight spaces–thus making the coil’s transportation and installation easier. The main advantage of Heatcraft® Modu-Coil is that it does not require altering the building’s structure or tearing down walls to replace a coil. This product can significantly lower system downtime while saving money on costly demolition/remodeling and crane services.

Each modular section is constructed with one tube plate where each section’s open tubes terminate. This construction allows the two sections and one gasket to be aligned using the factory pre-installed bolts to complete the coil assembly.