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Steam Coils

HVACR Steam Coils in New England

Heatcraft® Steam Coils are used in industrial air heating, processing, and HVAC applications, and Air Control Products offers the best steam coils in New England. These coils use the steam’s hidden heat (change of state) that is released when it condenses from a vapor to a liquid. Condensate management is specially incorporated into all steam coils through the design. Combining the size of the tube and the connections reduces the amount of condensate that can remain in the coil, preventing water hammer while ensuring that the steam is distributed evenly across the entire face. The construction of a steam coil is a very efficient way to heat air and is accessible for both high and low-pressure applications.

The standard steam coil type is a single tube design made from a 5/8″ or 1″ tube steam coil. The headers and connections for the steam supply and condensate return are typically located at the coil’s opposing ends. Proper header assembly design accomplishes uniform steam distribution to each coil core tube.

A steam distributing coil is a dual-tube design using 5/8″ and 1″ tubes that are commonly referred to as freeze-resistant. It is important to note that any steam coil can have condensed water freeze when exposed to freezing temperatures without properly draining the condensate.

This coil design utilizes a smaller inner tube with precisely spaced directional orifice-type perforations. This arrangement helps direct condensate flow to the return header. The steam supply, condensate return headers, and connections may be fabricated as a same-end or opposite-end construction. When made as a same-end connection, the header appears as a single large header but is actually two headers in one. Compartmentalizing the header serves multiple functions by providing for a supply and return. The inner steam supply header warms the condensate return and allows same-end connected single and two-row coil construction—this eliminates the unwanted core tube return bends on a steam coil.