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Evaporator Coils Round Tub Plate Fin

Evaporator Coils Round Tub Plate Fin

Durable Evaporator Coils in New England

Air Control Products offers high-quality Heatcraft® evaporator coils in New England. Our evaporator coils are designed and built to operate effectively with any refrigerant. The performance capabilities are suited for comfort cooling, process cooling, and dehumidification applications. Under all operational conditions, direct expansion type evaporator coils provide the maximum heat transfer efficiency.

Our various standard and custom circuiting options offer the ability to provide the best circuit for peak system performance. Counterflow circuitry is applied whenever possible, and all evaporators can be supplied with distributors and equal-length distributor tubes to assure proper refrigerant distribution. Circuiting for face, row, or custom control is available on a wide range of coils.

The single, dual, or quad compressor circuits allow precise capacity control. Its unique interlaced circuiting options assure uniform refrigerant distribution over the entire face area of the coil. Available wide fin spacing reduces the effect of frost build-up on low-temperature applications. Evaporators are designed for AHU, central systems, or duct applications.